Is there T accessibility and parking?

90 Canal St. T- Directions. We are located at the North Station T stop on the Orange and Green Lines. When exiting the train head towards the Valenti Way Exit. Once outside come directly across Canal St. and you will be at 90 Canal St. We are also very close to the Haymarket T stop if you are taking a bus. 

Parking 90 Canal St. 
There is metered parking all along Canal Street and adjacent streets. In the morning there are no issues finding a parking meter and they do not start charging until 8 am. Lately, with construction on Canal Street going on there are some meters that have become tow zones so just make sure to read signs posted. You may have to drive to some of the adjacent streets to find a meter but you should be able to find one if you give yourself a couple extra minutes. 
Although before an evening class it can get a little tricky finding a meter especially if there is an event at the TD Bank Garden which is a block away. If you plan to drive in at night I would give yourself a little extra time coming in. Also, it’s a good idea to check the schedule at the Garden.

If I am a Bootcamp beginner Will the class be too difficult?

Our all level classes are challenging but the majority of drills and exercises are time based. It is easy to progress as you feel comfortable and participants can take rest breaks whenever they need to. 

Our intermediate outdoor bootcamp class is our toughest and there are prerequisites (see class descriptions). 

if I am an athlete Will the class be too easy?

No Way.

The athletes in the class set the bar. We push the athletes the hardest in class. The intermediates will work hard but will require more frequent rest breaks. Most of our drills are time based to allow the advanced members to push without rest through the duration of each drill.

If you have done other bootcamps and are bored with the intensity level it’s time to advance to ours. You won’t be disappointed.

Are there locker rooms & showers available?

Yes, we have locker rooms and showers available. There is no towel service, so your own towel and toiletries are required.

Will This Help Me Get Ready For An Obstacle Course Race?

Whether you're about to take on your first or your tenth obstacle course race, Beantown will help you get ready. Our members frequently compete in Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, and similar races, and workouts are designed to help improve your endurance, grip strength and mobility. When a big race is coming up, we'll help prep you with rope climb techniques and other important skills needed to succeed at any OCR race.

How is each outdoor Boot Camp class organized?

Our bootcamp is different due to the fact we are always on the move. Our central meeting location is at North Station – 90 Canal St Boston and from there we branch out to different locations throughout the city to perform varied drills.

We may transition to 2-3 different spots throughout one class. The transition from one area to another involves group jogging at a slow-moderate pace usually no more than 5 minutes in duration. When we get to each station as a full group, different drills will be performed and number of sets, reps, sprints, difficulty of exercises, ETC. will be modified based on your fitness level and prior injury history. 

How many people are in each Class?  

Groups are filled with no more than 25 people.

What if I can’t keep up in Outdoor Bootcamp?

All stations are within close proximity of no more than a 5 minute light jog away from the next. The primary goal of the class is to keep constantly moving. Multiple short rest breaks are allowed to aide in recovery.

This class is meant to be intense, but instructors also realize that each person has their limitations. Once you know the locations of each station, if you fall a little behind, you can just join in when you get to where we are going. Initially, an instructor or group leader will make sure you do not fall too far behind and let you know where to meet us if you are lagging.

Don’t worry elite runners; you will not be waiting around.

What type of results can I expect?

It really depends what your goals are and how often you participate per week. If you are consistent and keep progress in mind, you will definitely see improvements in cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. If your goal is weight loss or muscular toning, you must make sure your nutrition is on track. Nutrition is more that 60% of the battle.