Beantown Bootcamp's Best Kept Secret

Author: Casey Douglas

Beantown Bootcamp- n., The place to go if you’re looking for real fitness, real athletes, and real results, also known as Boston’s only year-round indoor and outdoor boot camp gym.
As a fitness center, Beantown Bootcamp is probably best known for its brutal outdoor workouts, which range from 60-90 minutes and include hill workouts/intervals so grueling that simply uttering their “name” elicits dread from all class-goers.
Joy Street and Beantown Burner- I’m looking at you.
However, though Beantown’s outdoor boot camp workouts are beautifully abominable and gruesomely effective, their best-kept secret can be found at the crack of dawn on Wednesdays, deep within the gym’s 90 Canal Street base camp.
World, I’d like to introduce you to Beantown’s “Small Group Strength Program."
Better known simply as “Small Group,” the program runs for about eight weeks at a time and includes four workouts, performed on a rotating schedule. Each Wednesday, the members meet and perform the circuit-style workouts together, which include super and drop sets. However, it is up to these members to complete two additional workouts a week on their own time, usually on Monday and Friday, if they wish to see true results. These workouts focus on lifting heavy weights and building pure muscular strength and endurance. 
Before you think, “But I don’t want to get BULKY!” I can assure any females interested in joining the upcoming cycle of Small Group, which will begin next Wednesday, that you will not become some manly, grotesque creature. Instead, you will become toned, strong, and will burn fat at a far faster rate than anyone participating in just cardio alone. It’s plain science, and the strength you gain from this program can improve all aspects of your life, both within your workouts and outside the gym in daily life (functional fitness). 
The present members of Small Group have racked up some impressive numbers already. We have seen participants increase their deadlift Personal Records (PRs) astronomically, and most can now lift twice their body weight. In addition, female athletes have broken Beantown records with 200+ lb. squats.
The beauty of Small Group is the diversity of the workouts, the impressive results, and the supportive community that entering the class ensures. I would advise anyone who seeks to gain strength, confidence, and maximize their fitness results to check out this program. The satisfaction of achieving a new PR is an ideal way to jumpstart your day.
So, if you have interest in becoming the healthiest and most fit version of yourself, take a look at Beantown Bootcamp’s Small Group Strength Program, and contact Beantown owner/head trainer John Wayman via Or, if you’re still uncertain, speak to any of the program’s current members. Their results and testimony can speak for themselves. 

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