Consistency Is Key

Author: Casey Douglas


"When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren't the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.”  -Arsène Wenger, Arsenal Football’s longest reigning and most successful manager.
Consistency: it is of absolute paramount importance to fitness success, be it in effort, in workout regiment, or in motivational drive, in sickness and in health, ‘til death do you part.
A lack of consistency and a desire to “get fit FAST” is often the death sentence to every aspiring athlete or potential pound-shedding trainee’s workout plan. It’s entirely understandable to desire to lose weight as quickly as possible, but in practice, to do so is unrealistic and generally cannot be maintained.
The rotted out root of the issue comes predominantly from social media. You can’t browse the Internet without being hammered over the head with “THE ONE SECRET YOUR DOCTOR WON’T TELL YOU ABOUT FAT LOSS” and “CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST JUICE CLEANSE,” or better yet, “THIS 5-DAY WORKOUT PLAN WILL UNLEASH YOUR SIX PACK.” Is your head ringing now? Sorry- mine is too. Social media essentially assaults you with trends that promote a pure lack of consistency and hinder any possibility of a solution with longevity.
Consistency, however, is a multi-faceted beast. The Five Commandments of Consistency (In Order to Achieve Fitness Success) are as follows:
Though shall actually show up to the workout.
Though shall actually show up to the workout more than three times a month.
Though shall work hard at the workout and maybe sometimes almost throw up.
Though shall adhere to a structured and thought out workout plan.
Though shall not quit. Ever.
In other words, consistency is not just about working out continuously. The content and quality of your workouts is just as important, if not more important, than the quantity. I’m not saying that you should be on the floor in a state of post-exercise hemorrhage after every session (cue the injuries), but to expect results when engaging in solely low-intensity exercise is to be disappointed.  Likewise, constantly changing your workout plan is not going to merit results either. Yes, surprising your body with new challenges is great, but you must have a baseline regiment to which you can return. If you are always trying new ways to get fit, you will never be able to improve upon any particular aspect of fitness or notice physical results, so you’re far more likely to break Commandment Number Five.
The beauty of attending a singular gym or engaging in a thought-out plan is the security involved. The daily workouts your trainer or gym provides are structured with a purpose. For example, at Beantown Bootcamp, each day of the week ensures a workout to target a specific aspect of fitness in a balanced way. An indoor strength class on Monday will hit your legs hard, while Tuesday’s outdoor Bootcamp will get your heart racing and utilize upper-body weight exercises. You can trust your trainer to work you out in a way that hits different areas of your body, keeps you motivated, and allows you to easily measure your progress. Did you increase your squat weight? Could you increase the speed of your treadmill? These are all ways to see and feel your progress that you cannot obtain when bouncing from gym to gym.
If you are interested in improving your health and seeing those real results, find a gym that will provide you a well-structured workout pattern, intensity, and motivation to keep going. Or, even easier, just stop by Beantown for a free class- we ensure results provided through our consistent workouts and your hard work ethic.
Regardless, be wary of fads, trends, and services that preach “quick fixes” or “easy and versatile fitness.” Not only are these ineffective, but expensive. A “tea-tox,” which claims to lean you out through just drinking tea, can cost upwards of $80. * PSA: Tea is a diuretic, so really you’re just peeing out your water-weight. * 
Would you like to spend your money achieving, accomplishing, and progressing? Or, would you rather throw the Commandments to the wind and pay for inconsistency, (and in some cases, excessive peeing?)
The choice is yours- pick wisely.