Anniversary Post - My Top 5 BTBC Moments



if we haven't met yet, I'm Kim.



^^ That's me up there  with my homies dragging a tire on a chain. ^^

If you asked me this time last year if I thought I'd enjoy running EVER, much less while dragging a tire behind me on a chain... well, I would have laughed in your face. But that's what Beantown Bootcamp does to you. You're a normal human one minute, and the next minute John starts yelling at you and suddenly you're a super athlete who runs up Beacon Hill backwards.

One year later and it's safe to my love for tire pulling has only just begun. After officially hitting a full year at Beantown Bootcamp, I've been reflecting on exactly what made this fitness journey so different from all the others.

It's definitely not convenience. 90 Canal is not especially close to my work, and it's not particularly close to my apartment in the suburbs either, but it's so addicting that I've ended up coming here 3x as much as gyms that have even been in my own building. It's the part of my day I look forward to the most, and I could never imagine replacing it.


There are a lot of things that make this place amazing, but in honor of my anniversary, I wanted to narrow it down to my top 5 favorite moments ever at Beantown Bootcamp:

After beating my first unscaled timecap. I swear I was proud once I was done almost dying.

After beating my first unscaled timecap. I swear I was proud once I was done almost dying.


5. The first cap I ever beat.

Anyone who has attended John's outdoor bootcamp classes is well versed with his insane challenges & even crazier time caps.

I'll preface my own personal story with the fact I am not a runner. I have never been a fan of long distances, and I avoided hill training like the plague. You can imagine the look on my face when I realized Outdoor Bootcamp was code for 'you're about to run a lot of hills.'

My first outdoor bootcamp I couldn't make it up one hill without stopping, nevermind the requisite 8. When I was somewhere around hill 3, I swore I would never come back to this class again because 'Who can even do this anyway!? This is insane!' 

Needless to say, once I finished struggling up those hills and managed to pick my body up off the sidewalk on Garden Street, I was inexplicably addicted. Or maybe it was explicable: I left realizing I can conquer anything.

Coming from those humble beginnings, I was incredibly proud to hit my first unscaled time cap around a month ago on the Devils 5k. My next goal is to take down the FML 50, but it might take another year or 3.

Is this a good lookin' crew of Spartans or what?

Is this a good lookin' crew of Spartans or what?

4. My first Spartan Sprint

I had been wanting to tackle a Spartan Race for a long time, but always stopped myself. I wasn't sure if I was in good enough shape, or I didn't know anyone else who would want to do it with me, or I forgot to sign up. Aren't I great at making excuses?

Leave it to Beantown Bootcamp to push me out of my comfort zone and into Fenway Park for my first Spartan ever. Having a small but MIGHTY group to support me made it all the better (thanks Liz & Nancy!). Highlights included learning to master the rope climb, totally failing at spear throwing, and figuring out how to climb over 6 ft walls (I'm 5'1"). It was epic. 

Always a love/hate relationship with deadlifts. When I took this picture I still hadn't hit 200 yet... now I'm up to 240lbs!

Always a love/hate relationship with deadlifts. When I took this picture I still hadn't hit 200 yet... now I'm up to 240lbs!

3. Benchpressing My Way to a Gym Record

The moment you become a member at BTBC, you know you're amongst some pretty serious athletes. It gets humbling to workout alongside them every day, but inspiring too. I quickly started looking up to the incredible women in this gym who were lifting more than most men I knew. I wanted to get on their level.

It was a HUGE moment of pride when  I earned two records for ladies lifting at BTBC - lunge backs and bench press. There is nothing like working out with amazing athletes and friends to push you beyond your potential every day. Most days I still can't believe the progress I've made. Once someone inevitably beats that record, I look forward to supporting them the way everyone has supported me.

2. (Finally) getting a nickname

My biggest moment of shame at Beantown Bootcamp was signing up for the Elite Gobbler and being the only person on the roster without a nickname. Everyone else had cool nicknames to cheer them on- The Pride, Savage, Thor... but all I had next to my name was 'TBD.'

Womp womp.

I did eventually get a nickname, and next time I do the Elite Gobbler, you'll see 'KLOMBARD' gracing the white board. #Victory

Elite Gobbler Crew 2016!

Elite Gobbler Crew 2016!

1. The Elite Gobbler

Speaking of the Elite Gobbler...

It is only fair that the most physically & mentally challenging thing I've ever done in my life would take the cake as my favorite moment. The Gobbler kicked my ass (literally- I fell on my ass and still have a scar to prove it), but it brought out all of my favorite parts of Beantown Bootcamp.

The course itself was outrageously difficult. It had all of the classics from grueling lifts, to fence hops, to bear crawls with a pole on top of your legs that you had to balance. Right when you thought you had survived the worst, John would hit you with a run up Joy St with a sandbag or a 45 lb snatch. It was the kind of race that I look back and cannot believe I finished. I have so much respect for the group who competed.

Speaking of which, the camaraderie that existed in this race blew me away. Members who weren't competing gave up their Sunday to volunteer and cheer us on. The members who were competing exchanged words of inspiration to each other in the most grueling parts of the course, pushing each other to finish.

The entire race was so indicative of my entire year at Beantown. John spewing out outrageous challenges to this incredible group of athletes who lift  each other up and keep pushing until the job is done. When I describe my workouts to friends, they think I'm crazy to come back over and over. All I can say is I'd be crazy not to.

John Wayman